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Driveway Cleaning

Are gunk build up or car oil staining your driveway, maybe a bit of both? Wand splash can help, top rated and locally owned. We are the superior power washing specialists in Orlando and would love to deliver a driveway cleaning that will make your driveway look brand new.

Our highly trained professionals utilize state of the art power washing and sidewalk cleaning equipment, that allow for the maximum clean and curbside appeal. Call Now to get the best driveway cleaning service around. 

Walkway Cleaning

Give your sidewalk or walkway some love, with a professional power washing service. You will be amazed with how much of a difference just one cleaning is able to make and how quick our team is.

Don’t waste time or money trying to do it yourself or hiring an unprofessional company, Wand Splash is more effective and affordable. To make it easy we offer transparent pricing and same day quotes. Fill out a form or Call Now to get started.