What is soft washing

Soft Washing “What is it”?

What is soft wash a house and is it right for you. Wand Splash Pressure Wash, Soft Wash, and Sealing of Orlando not only provides quality exterior cleaning services but educates and consults homeowners. Let’s explore if Soft Wash is the right choice for you. Are you seeing green, black, or brown streaks around your home? Then soft washing is designed to kill, eliminate , and prevent those organic materials from coming back.

How did Soft Wash come about? Over fifteen years ago, water and bleach was mixed with surfactants, algaecides and residual inhibitors into the very first soft washing solution. This combined mixture of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals were loaded into a tank pump sprayer and used to remove organic material from roofs and exterior services. Since then we have come to know this process as Soft Washing and the number one fighter against mildew, bacteria, algae, and other organic stains that otherwise would not be removed or killed. Not having homes cleaned and treated causes millions of dollars in damages a year to homeowners and businesses alike. Soft Wash today With new technology Soft Washing has become the best and only way to kill, clean, disinfect, and help prevent organic material from exterior services.

At Wand Splash of Orlando our commercial equipment applies a chemically designed solution while ensuring ratio consistency and highest results in the industry. It’s about extending the life of your roof, home, and decks and with Wands Splash it has never been easier than right now. How does it work? Wand Splash uses low pressure equipment to safely remove organic matter like fungus, moss, dirt and grime with a top rated service guarantee and quality reliability.

How much does it cost and how do I book a time for service? We here at Wand Splash LLC of Central Florida pride ourselves on easy and affordable pricing right on our website. www.wandsplash.com. Need exterior cleaning for your home or business? Easily schedule service right on our website using top of the line booking technology and see why we are the #1 Choice for safe, reliable, and affordable soft wash cleaning in Central Florida.

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